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Natural Hand Heat healing

In 1997 we started a large planting program of big trees, medicinal herbs and flowers. We determined in the beginning not to use any chemicals with our plants and that is still our policy. We plant using rice husks, manure, compost and topsoil.

Thai Traditional Medical Clinic

The MorNoi Clinic is a Holistic Traditional Thai Clinic located just 15 minutes North of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The clinic is led by Dr. Amporn Srakrupan (Noi), a fully licensed Thai Traditional medical Doctor who teaches and believes that good health results from complete physical, mental, emotional and social well being.


Mor Noi working on “Thim”


For seven years I have been afflicted with eye twitches and tight muscles on the left side of my face. These uncontrollable afflictions have caused me great misery and heart ache. These bunched muscles and nerves lie just under the skin. I have tried everything possible and spent thousands of baht trying to eliminate this problem. I’ve tried Thai massage, acupuncture, various diets and countless doctors with pills have been tried with either small result or actual increase in size or number of bunched muscles.

As a last resort I came to Mor Noi Clinic to talk with Mor Noi, who agreed to try and help me. Mor Noi said she thought the muscle tension was caused by the body’s reaction to hard work, stress and emotion. To try to cure this problem I had tried acupuncture and heavy massage for a long time, but only a little tension was released in my upper body.

When I went to Mor Noi-Clinic, Mor Noi put her hands on my arm and a surge of energy went up my arm to my face. As a result of this run of energy I decided to try this clinic. When Noi touched me at first it was very pleasant but later the body opened it was very painful. Mor Noi had explained that there would be a painful adjustment of nerves and muscle after the body began to trust in this gentle treatment. Mor Noi told me I’d be sick for several days. Now I have a schedule of one day treatment and then two days of rest. Then we repeat of this pattern. I have had five treatments, but I will continue until I am cured if a donor will help with the payments as I have used all my saving looking for a cure.

This soft touch treatment works for me but I don’t know how long it will take for a cure, it will depend on my mind and body, Noi explained body will open layer by layer of muscle and nerves. So please help if you can. If more information is needed please contact Mor Noi about my case.

Thank you for your support “Thim”.

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Mor Noi Clinic welcomes tourists, locals, ex-pats, students, healers; everyone is welcome at Mor Noi Clinic to visit or for treatment. If you have symptoms in any part of your body, please stop by for a free examination and discussion of your needs. The clinic staff is dedicated to helping:

Those with long term chronic pain or chronic medical problems; those with recent injuries; and those who wish to learn the techniques of Natural Hand Heat Healing and hands-on Thai massage/physical therapy that are practiced at the clinic.

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