Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thai Akha Silver

Thai Silver

Fine silver is 99.9% silver or better. This grade of silver is used to make bullion bars for international commodities trading. In the modern world Fine Silver is understood to be too soft for general use. Thai Silver falls in between Sterling Silver and Fine Silver. It is strong enough to be crafted into smaller items which makes it perfect for jewelry-making. Thai silver also has the benefit of not tarnishing the way that Sterling does because there is no copper in Thai Silver. Most of the silver comes from the Hill Tribes

Thai Silver.

Unlike Paper money

holds its value.

As the banks print more and more paper money its value goes down, what they like to call inflation.

Silver has held its own with inflation and in relative terms is worth more now than 100 years ago.

Our Thai Silver is made from
99.9% Pure Silver Bullion Bars.

We guarantee our Thai Silver 95 – 98% pure.

In 10 or 20 years it will still be worth a lot more than the paper you paid for it with.

Author: Grant Wills