Friday, April 29, 2011

Mai's Unique Boutique Home stay

Mai's Unique Boutique Home stay

Chiang Mai's No. 1 quality Home Stay Guest House in Northern Thailand

We invite you to share our home and environment

Because we will only take one set of paying guests we are able to offer a fairly private and very relaxing environment , with pool, waterfalls ,

sound of running water etc. almost your own private resort, up to 5 star Hotel standards.

We are located at Karn kanok 1 development , a gated community with 24/7 security and closed circuit cameras . It is made up of friendly Thai families , and several foreigners (farang) with Thai wives . The development boasts a clubhouse located within park like grounds , with a playground , gymnasium ,sauna, restaurant and swimming pool
Things to do and see may include visits to the night market in the city ,a day in the city checking out the bars and eating places , a visit to the large temple complex on Suthep mountain overlooking Chiangmai city , a visit to a hill tribe village , Kings project and hot springs at San kampaeng

Mai and Bruce run a high quality operation with every thing you would expect from a top class operation.

They only rent out 1 room at a time 1500 THB / $50 usd a night (min 3 days)
You can visit the new site we ( have just built for them at
They offer transport to all the local spots + have 2 motor bikes for rent

Monday, April 12, 2010

ChiangMai Rocks

Armed and Dangerous
ChiangMai is Rocking

Sawadee pee mai

(Happy New Year)

is off to a good start

The only water cannons we have seen so far
are being "maned" by beautiful young girls.

ChiangMai is having its own Songkran with thousands of Thai families
joining in the fun

Our Stall is right in the center of
Thapae Gate

Akha Hill Tribe Products

ArThai | Thai art from ChiangMai
and the North of Thailand
Art Thai

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sawadee pee mai | Song Kran ChiangMai 2010

Sawadee pee mai

(Happy New Year)

Songkran is here again

Information on

Chiang Mai

the Far North of Thailand.

Sawadee pee mai

Songkran is Thailand's largest

Songkran is the Thai new

The largest and most
popular of the many New Year celebrations here.

Traditionally the pouring
of water over another persons hands as a mark of respect

has turned into the Worlds largest water fight.

The festival is held in
mid-April when the weather is hot and the celebrations are a relief
from the oppressive summer heat. Thailand’s countrywide water fight
festival generally lasts for three days, from the 13th to the 15th of

The huge amount of water
that is spread all over ChiangMai could even cause
an early start to the wet season, what goes up must come down!

So come up to ChiangMai
Take a break from the Bangkok HEAT and enjoy!

11th April 5 - 11pm

Opening of Songkran festival

Three Kings Monument

12th - 15th April
Celebration of 714th Anniversary of ChiangMai
Thapae Gate

Our Stall is right in the center of Thapae Gate

Friday, March 12, 2010

This-is-ChiangMai.INFO &'s new Office

Our new Office and Shop - House

to name a few are all run from our split level Office

  • charcoal art

    Quality art and handy crafts from the North of Thailand

    Call in for a free coffee and chat with Andy or Grant when you are in ChiangMai

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Akha bags

Bags: Hand made with natural products.
Real Shells, beads etc Order code AH018

Thai Silver

Order code Bangle 009 : 90 grams 28 mm


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Condo | Chiang Mai | Thailand

Price | Sale 300,000 Baht (app $8500)

DISTRICT: Chiang Mai,CITY: Chiang Mai,Thailand.
Srianant Condo Town
Building J - Room # 303 (3rd floor)

1bedroom, 1 bathroom, 4m x 8m
style kitchen

This is a busy Condo with 2 Adults and 2 Young ladies
(10 & 12 years old) living here.

Kitchen area

Fire escape stairs at each end of the floor,

Wide safe stair well.

Large clean lobby.

Fully Furnished

Right next to the Chiang Mai Ram 2 Hospital

1st right past the Hospital on the Chiang Mai - Mai Jo Highway.

Rimping Super Market is just down the road.

This condo is 5 to 10 minute walk from large open air food markets, Super Market. Hospital 2 minutes.

It is in easy reach of local golf courses and supermarkets.

  • Quick sale as owner needs operation.
  • It has a nice kitchen with all mod cons.
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • Cable tv
  • Internet access ADSL
  • 24h Security
  • Fully furnished

We are listing this for Ah Chau.

Ah Chau is Akha and one of the movers in the local Akha Christian movement.

Ah Chau runs House 1 at one of the local Christian missions for young 12 - 25 year old Girls in crisis and need.

They have 50 - 60 Girls getting schooling in Thai and English. Helping them over come the trauma of

the situation that they came from.

Now Ah Chau needs help. her American - Japanese Husband of 14 years and the father of her two Girls is sick.

They are trying to sell the Condo and her land to pay for his operation.

Contact the owner at

Phone Ah Chau 66 86 191 3804 (086 191 3804)

Ah Chau -

Mr. Bohsan -

or the web Master at


This Condo is way below market price at only
$8500 us Sold
A month or so's stay in Chiang Mai in an International Hotel will cost you that.
Many fall in love with Chiang Mai and come back year after year.

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